NOVATOP – An advanced solid wood building system with Swiss know-how

Combining highly advanced technology, solidity of all the elements and the beauty of natural wood. We offer a proven and highly efficient solution both for energy-efficient and passive houses. 



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NOVATOP does not build houses, but if you are looking for Architects, designers or construction companies that have experience with our system, we recommend visiting the REFERENCE section.

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Our website will provide you with detailed information about the NOVATOP SYSTEM, its possibilities and use.

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Did you know that:

  • You can make 3 metres of overhanging ceiling from NOVATOP
  • Ceiling from NOVATOP Element can have 10 metres of span
  • Ceiling construction of a span 6 metres and height of 6 metres can carry up to 18 tons (3 elephants or 10 vehicles)
  • NOVATOP ceiling deals both with load bearing capacity and accoustic at once – you can enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others in the house

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