A courageous eight-meter-tall tree of NOVATOP panels attracted the deserved attention

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A courageous eight-meter-tall tree of NOVATOP panels attracted the deserved attention

And how did the story of this exhibition, which we introduced at the fair called “Wooden Buildings 2012” in Prague Holešovice, start? This will be revealed by its author – Ing. Irena Truhlářová  from the company ARCHCON atelier, s.r.o.

 “From the first considerations, we worked with the story of a tree that grew in the forest, then went to energy undemanding processing, and finally into the walls a beautiful and healthy home. The pavilion in the form of a tree was a natural result of these ideas. We see a tree as a symbol of rebirth or, as you like, sustainable development.”

“The design by Ms. Truhlářová impressed us at the first sight. From the beginning, there were obviously complications due to the atypical character of the construction, but if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, smiles Ing. Jiří Oslizlo from NOVATOP.

The construction of the untraditional pavilion was demanding

The time for preparation of the exhibition was limited and could not be estimated in advance, it was not a classic house, but the building team took this implementation as a challenge. At the beginning, the adrenaline of all the participants increased dramatically when the driver bringing the construction parts had to reverse his truck into the gates that were only a few millimetres wider than the width of the trailer. The construction itself then began an hour before midnight and the next day, in the late afternoon, the skeleton of the tree was finished. Our team really gave a stunning performance,” praises his people Martin Novák from the company DŘEVOSTAVBY MC that is a NOVATOP Certified Partner and that built our exposition last year, as well.

In 4 days of the fair, our stand was visited by thousands of visitors. The responses to the stand were entirely positive and the reactions of the people made us very happy. The unusual building became a strong argument for design flexibility and aesthetic value of the NOVATOP system. The construction details and the overall impression of the stand helped us demonstrate its best features.

In this video you can see the course of the construction work:

Exposure Draft:

Implementation of exposure:




Published 27.2. 2012

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