A family home in Liberec

A family home in Liberec

A family home built to low energy standards in Liberec with a beautiful view of Ještěd.

Martin Novák, a representative of the implementation company Dřevostavby MC, shared with us the impressions of the building: “We implemented this building with four people and in cooperation of three structural experts; it was a large and complex construction project. Initially, on paper, it looked quite difficult – several materials were combined, but on the construction site, everything went like clockwork, good preparation paid off.”

And what about our “production”: “The building was completed with a team consisting of an architect, a designer, a building surveyor, a structural engineer, an implementation company, the supplier of the building system NOVATOP and other related professions, such as electricians, etc. … our system was depended upon from the beginning, and this is always ideal. There were several versions with lots of modifications on the table, so it was a relatively long process to reach the final solution, but the communication ran smoothly and the result is, in our opinion, immensely satisfying.”

Technical parameters:

ground floor walls – NOVATOP SOLID:

  • external walls: thickness of 124mm
  • internal walls: partly thickness of 84mm, partly      thickness of 62mm
  • walls in the visual quality

ceiling – NOVATOP OPEN:

  • thickness of 307 mm
  • KVH 80/280
  • placement of the elements on steel profiles HEB
  • without insulation

Implementation: Dřevostavby MC


MC Drevostavby-CNTP

Published 6.8. 2012

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