A family home, Prague

A family home, Prague


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We are presenting a house whose land measures, at its narrowest point, just 4 metres. A house that filled the residual space in the shape of an “hourglass”. A house whose high walls follow the landscape and reflect the rocks of Prokopské údolí in Prague. A house in whose heart you find yourselves taken out of context of the outside world.

This family home is based on the traditional terraced house and fills the entire width of a gap in an original urban area. The street and the garden are connected with a narrow passage. The interior “flirts” with the element of surprise. Sun reflections fall in places where you do not even expect them. “Mesozoic” Ginkgo Biloba grows in the small yard.

Pohledové dřevo v interiéru, ve dvoře roste Ginkgo Biloba

Visual quality wood in the interior

The structure of the house is made of NOVATOP solid panels. The predominant part of the house contains panels that are left in the visual quality and treated only with decorative wax. The natural spruce wood thus highlights the simplicity and the elegance of the interior.

Despite the absence of recuperation, the house achieves Category A of energy performance of a building.

The open layout allows for the ventilation of the building in relation to the season and the cardinal point. Air extraction is provided by hybrid ventilators powered by wind, whereas air feed is provided by ventilating slots in relation to the facade and the season. Heat is then provided by a heat pump earth-water. Backup source is made by a wood burning fireplace.

During production, the house made full use of local and renewable materials with minimal production of CO2 and has a direct connection with nature: All-wood structure. Green roof. Tree “in the house”. Plants are used for the provision of climate, temperature and humidity regulation, filtration and storage of rainwater, which is then returned to use from a retention tank.

And once the concrete walls are covered by climbing greenery, the house will be lost in the arms of Prokopské údolí!

Greenery and water in the house


The sun in the house in summer as well as in winter

Characteristics: A family home
Architect: ATELIER SAEM (Michal Procházka, Lukáš Bezecný, Pavel Cihelka, Jiří Deyl)
Implementation: MAPRI
Subcontractors, products:
Structural system: NOVATOP – AGROP NOVA
Concrete: TERMITAN
Windows: JÁNOŠÍK
Heat pump: IVT
Lighting: HORMEN
India rubber: NORA – PROINTERIER
Green roof: GREENVILLE
Grafosklo design: Anna Chmelová
Glass: OGB

Energy intensity of the building: A – exceptionally economical
Total delivered energy 111kWh/(m2.year)
Non-renewable primary energy 85 kWh/(m2.year)

Published 14.10. 2014

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