A family home Stříbrná Lhota, Czech Republic

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A family home Stříbrná Lhota, Czech Republic

When solving the overall layout of the building, the emphasis was placed on rational utilization of the usable area.
The ground floor offers a vestibule, open space for a dining table, a sitting area and a kitchen with an island. There is room for separate working space and sleeping area for visitors. It is all connected to the link with the outdoor terrace.

RD Schmarz 01

The floor is divided the basic way into a bedroom, two children’s bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower stall. The space under the roof ridge provides plenty of storage space for seasonal items. The construction as well as disposition logic, while respecting the principles of designing in the NOVATOP system, eliminates unnecessary expenditures on house construction.

CZ_2016_StribrnaLhota_Schmarz (6)

Building construction

NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 84 mm – 175 m2
NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 62 mm – 38 m2

NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 84 mm – 8 m2

Architect: Ing. Arch. Jakub Loučka
Implementation: 3AE s.r.o., 2016

Usable area: 101 m
Built-up area: 68 m
Heat demand for heating: 19 kWh/ m2year



Published 7.4. 2016

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