An office building Artenicha, France

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An office building Artenicha, France

Artenicha office building with loopholes of NOVATOP solid wood panels. There was used a reinforced concrete structure combined with NOVATOP which serves in some parts as a bearing structure, in other parts as filling or a basis for application of the facade.

NOVATOP_EBB_Arthenicha_v2 NOVATOP_EBB_Arthenicha_v3
Building construction: Walls – NOVATOP SOLID 62mm (500m2) + NOVATOP SOLID 84mm (450m2) – no-visual quality + NOVATOP ELEMENT 160mm (107m2) + insulation Isover 140mm

With regard to the proposed static solution, NOVATOP ELEMENTS modified non-standardly for wall structures were used for the construction. NOVATOP ELEMENT thickness 240mm (26m2) – larch panels + insulation Isover 220mm

Architect: AER Architects
Implementaion: Imex bois, duben 2014

Published 29.4. 2014

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