Development Centre of the company LIKO-S, Czech Republic

Development Centre of the company LIKO-S, Czech Republic

A project of the Development Centre of the company LIKO-S called “LIKOS-NOE”, whose implementation started on April 13, 2015 in Slavkov u Brna, is worldwide unique. The building is designed as a wooden house using the NOVATOP system. The author of the project is a famous Brno architect Zdeněk Fránek, whose name is associated with several renowned works.


The whole building will be fully in harmony with nature

“The goal of the project is to create an industrial building with zero demands by means of waste-water treatment and to introduce an entirely new concept NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION”, says Lukáš Kovařík, Technical Director of ENERGY Division of the company LIKO-S, a.s., and continues: “It means that it will only work with energies derived from natural resources, whether it is sunlight or cold from the underground. However, it does without special machinery. The building will also work independently with water thanks to a special root treatment plant and final treatment through wetland facade. A retention lake, which is going to be a water reservoir for the entire company premises, is also going to form an inseparable part of the building. The external cladding of the building will be naturally stabilized with green facade, while providing space for growing pumpkins, tomatoes, etc..”

The entire project should be completed in a record time on the 10th of May 2015, i.e. 28 days, and you can follow the progress of the construction at

Živá stavba® (Live Construction) of the Development Centre of the company LIKO-S is unique in these aspects:

  • how to return to the nature on the spot what we took from it by construction,
  • how to create an industrial building with zero energy demands for thermal stabilization,
  • how to return to people nature within reach during the working hours.

The authors of the project achieve that with these solutions:

  • perfect thermal insulation of the building with diffusionally open insulation,
  • treatment of waste water from the building on the spot by means of a biological root treatment plant,
  • the green grassy facades and the wetland facade are nourished with substances from the root treatment plant,
  • the facade also performs the final treatment of the waste water from the root plant,
  • the treated water and rainwater are retained directly at the building in the retention reservoir,
  • the reservoir along with the facade creates a favourable micro-climate for the life of plants, animals and humans around the hall all year round,
  • the combined effect of the root treatment plant, the green facades, the surrounding trees and the plants, the retention biotope and the ground collectors, that bring to the building preheated air in the winter and chilled fresh air from the ground in the summer, provide natural thermal stabilization of the building,
  • the nature enters the building with the selected materials in the interior, the tree and the plants situated in the building.

Implementation: LIKO-S, a.s., 2015
Assembly of NOVATOP structure: Dřevostavby MC

Published 21.5. 2015

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