Files to download

Technical documentation

Technical documentation files 
Procedure for processing, Instructions for assembly PDF
Pricelists items, Machining options PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP SWP – multi-layer solid wood panel PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP ACOUSTIC – for architectural acoustics PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP STATIC – for roof overhangs PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP OPEN – special tailored elements PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP ELEMENT – for roofs and ceilings PDF
Technical documentation NOVATOP SOLID – for walls PDF

Constructive system

Complete catalog 
A complete catalog of construction details PDF

Individual parts of the Structural details in PDF can be downloaded here:

I. Contructive components 
1. Walls PDF DXF DWG 2D
2. Ceilings PDF DXF DWG 2D
3. Roofs PDF DXF DWG 2D
II. Contructive details 
1. Wall connection PDF DXF DWG 2D
2. Ceilings connection PDF DXF DWG 2D
3. Roof connection PDF DXF DWG 2D
4. Windows and doors PDF DXF DWG 2D


Other files for download 
General delivery and business conditions PDF


Individual certificates, attests and reports can be downloaded in the Certificates section.