NOVATOP4YOU tablet app

Offline presentation for your tablet

  • The catalogue NOVATOP 4 YOU is simple and clear presentation of the entire NOVATOP system.
  • It contains basic information on all the products, technical documentation, certificates, references, our partners as well as videos.
  • The presentation is available in the following languages: CZ, DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PL
  • Intended only for iOS and Android tablets.
  • The entire catalogue can be used offline after downloading.

Warning: To download the catalogue, you need good Internet connection. The downloading may take several minutes.

Google Play
Apple Store

How to proceed?

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your search: NOVATOP 4 YOU
  3. Download the application
  4. On the tablet, you will see a red icon NOVATOP 4 YOU, click on it
  5. You will see the homepage of the catalogue
  6. Click on the 3 dashes in the top right corner – (fig. 1)
  7. On this page – (fig. 2) select the language and confirm the “Download”. All language versions will be downloaded at the same time. When changing the language, do not download the application again, just confirm the language selection with “Done” – (fig. 3)
  8. Return through the “Menu” in the top left corner to the homepage
  9. The presentation is ready for use.
  10. We recommend updating at least once a month, we update especially the references of our partners.

Samples of the application

Basic information on all the products

References our partners. In the top right corner you can play a video from the assembly

Basic information about us, including videos from production


Google Play
Apple Store

Any suggestions or comments concerning the catalogue NOVATOP 4 YOU can be sent to the following email: