Ecological mobile houses from the company Pircher Oberland spa, Italy

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Ecological mobile houses from the company Pircher Oberland spa, Italy

Several times awarded prototypes of mobile houses called Sunset and Moonriver under the brand of „MOVIT by Pircher Oberland spa“ were designed by the company Hangar Design Group. They represent way the current demand for housing in an innovative: true micro-housing on wheels which combines refined aesthetics and high quality of the best of Italy.

The following may be included among the important characteristics of the projects Moon River and Sunset: certificates CasaClima Mobile Home, high energy efficiency, recycling of the materials used, certified manufacturing process and tested safety. This is all due to NOVATOP boards used that are certified by Natureplus.

In recognition of the excellent combination of energy efficiency and attractive design, the project Sunset received in July 2011 an important award in the category of Design for the Environment – “ADI Compasso d’Oro”, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the area of international design.

In line with the current trends of life, these mobile homes are flexible, changeable, adaptable (they can be tailored to the specific requirements) and are able to meet the needs for permanent housing as well , thanks to the sophisticated ground plan, where each thing fits to its place.


All modules of mobile homes can be made from different materials with different exterior finish. The interior layout can be customized to the needs, as well as the type of finishes and the colorful style of the interior furnishings.

Heat and sound insulation

Solid wood panels NOVATOP are characterized by excellent properties – they serve as natural insulation, are able to keep the ideal temperature and humidity inside the house for a long time and have excellent acoustic properties. The entire structure Movit is adjusted for temperatures ranging from 35°C up to -20°C and for the snow loads of up to 350 kg/m2.

Acceptable costs and energy savings

Houses Movit allow reduction of construction costs, high energy efficiency and cost savings for heating and air conditioning.

Accessibility of houses

Houses Movit can be designed and constructed in order to meet the needs of people with limited health abilities.

Transport and installation

The mobile house arrives at the site as already built and fully equipped. Just plug into the networks – electrical energy, sewage system and water and it is immediately habitable.

NOVATOP in the ecological project of the company Pircher Oberland spa at the fair in Bolzano.

Published 22.1. 2012

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