Family Home, Czech Republic

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Family Home, Czech Republic

This ground-floor house with a residential attic built of NOVATOP construction system had to meet both the requirements of CHKO Křivoklátsko (Protected landscape), where it was built, and the client’s requirements.

The house is situated in a picturesque village near Beroun, in Central Bohemia. The building is built as compact two-storey building with a longitudinal black-brown saddle roof; the structural system of the house is a wall system made of NOVATOP wooden panels.

The main living space of the house includes a compact area of the living room, the dining room, the hall and the kitchen. This space is connected with the upper floor of the house via an open gallery.

Building construction 
NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 62 mm – 8 m2
NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 84 mm – 173 m2

Architects: Ing. Arch. Filip Havliš a  Ing. Arch. David Zámečník from Architekti. cz studio
Built-up area of the building :  61,96 m2
Usable area: 87,7 m2
Implementation: 3AE s.r.o., 2015

Published 26.1. 2016

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