Family home, Czech Republic

Family home, Czech Republic

A house whose land measures, at its narrowest point, just 4.0 m. A house whose high walls follow the landscape and reflect the rocks of Prokopské údolí! A house that filled the residual space of the “hourglass”. A house that separates the southern garden from the city bustle. This is a house in the neck of land.

Technical parameters:

Walls: NOVATOP SOLID  thickness of 84 mm and thickness of 62 mm – everything in visual quality and including milling for installations
Ceiling: NOVATOP ELEMENTS, thickness of 240mm, partial insulation Isover, in visual quality
Roof: NOVATOP ELEMENTS, thickness of 240mm, no insulation, in visual quality + “rafter system” of insulation will be carried out



NOVATOP_RD Jinonice2 (1)


Architect: ATELIER SAEM, s.r.o.
Implementation company: MAPRI, s.r.o.



Published 3.9. 2013

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