The project of a family home near Prague, whose first floor consists of a NOVATOP structure, is presented by the architect Pavel Horák:

The task defined by the investor was interesting from the very beginning. To design and build a house in the style of a modern gamekeeper’s lodge on the outskirts of Prague. And it was a challenge!


A flat land, which gives a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside, was inspiration to design a simple and comfortable house for a family of four.

The main material of the ground floor of the house is placed parallel to the western boundary of the parcel and has an elongated shape with a flat roof. The facade of the house will be made of levelling plaster in a fine natural shade. This ground floor social part is fitted with a wooden “telescope into the landscape.” That is the resting second floor above ground with a lean roof inclining towards the garden.

The layout of the house is based on its shape and location on the land. Behind the entrance and the parking, there is a garage with connection to the indoor lee. The house is entered via the covered lee into the vestibule with a wardrobe and a bench and then to the inner hallway. There is a door to the technical bathroom, the dog room, the storage room under the stairs and the entrance to the living space. In the living space, there is a kitchenette, a dining table and the living room with a TV and a piano. The stairs from the hallway lead to the upper floor containing a bedroom, a room, a storage room and a bathroom. The windows from both of the rooms are imaginary eyes of the telescope into the landscape. ”

Structure: peripheral walls NOVATOP SOLID 84 mm, internal walls NOVATOP SOLID 62 mm, part of a ceiling NOVATOP ELEMENT 200 mm
Author: Ing. arch. Pavel Horák
Cooperation: Ing. arch. Michal Kotlas
General Contractor: Domesi 


Published 28.11. 2014

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