Family house, Switzerland

Family house, Switzerland

The actual construction of this house is a skeleton, a massive three-layer boards NOVATOP used both as part of a sandwich shell, as well as the final interior layer – they are in fact in the visible quality, which is one of the biggest advantage of this material. The NOVATOP boards are also used in kitchens, built-in furniture, doors, shelves, etc. The idea to create a house whose cloak was made of wood and the same type of wood would play an important role in the interior, was spontaneous: “The idea occurs to me,” said the swiss architect Pascal Flammer. The wood is a several times impregnated with a natural oil which has a white pigment. “Previously, we used to do it,” explains the architect, “oiled wood looks nice and retains its natural appearance.”

Design: Pascal Flammer, , who has a wide range of realisations evaluated in prestigious architectural competitions.
Photo: Katrin Brunner a Barbara Renz


Published 8.9. 2011

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