Family house, Zavadilka – CZ

Keywords: Czech Republic
Family house, Zavadilka – CZ

In the municipality of Zavadilka, another family home under the brand of VESPER HOMES was built. This individual turnkey house has a ground plan in the shape of letter L and its built-up area is 135 m². In one part of the house, there is a residential attic. The inside of the bearing structure consists of NOVATOP solid wood panels with the use of the visual wood in the interior. In this wooden building, in the floors and the walls, there were used the traditional gypsum fibre boards FERMACELL. The construction system which was used is in harmony with the current trends of passive and low-energy houses and was implemented as diffusionally open.

Built-up area 135 m²
Construction: prefabricated panels jacketed with NOVATOP panels
A turnkey house built by: VESPER HOMES

Published 30.11. 2011

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