Finnish sauna Kijukiju, Biotop Radotín, Czech Republic

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Finnish sauna Kijukiju, Biotop Radotín, Czech Republic

The Finnish sauna is made of high quality ecological wood-based materials. Our three-layer spruce panels NOVATOP were used for the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

These panels together with the wood fibre insulation significantly promote the accumulation of heat and contribute to its uniform distribution in the room. The generous glassing of the sauna provides an undisturbed panoramic view of the countryside. The sauna is complemented by fragrant reddish alder benches and the overall atmosphere is enhanced by very subtle mood lighting. The sauna is part of the beautiful premises of Biotop Radotín and the clear water of the biotope serves for cooling of the heated body.

sauna biotop 012 (c) Rostislav Zapletal 2015



Photo: Rostislav Zapletal

Published 5.2. 2015

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