Klíčové slovo: Switzerland

A family house, Switzerland

11.11.2017  |  Keywords: Switzerland


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An apartment building, Switzerland

14.7.2017  |  Keywords: Switzerland

Building construction – NOVATOP SOLID, NOVATOP ELEMENT

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A production hall, Switzerland

5.5.2017  |  Keywords: Switzerland

The roof of the hall structure – NOVATOP ELEMENT

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The biggest skier in the world is 19 m tall and is made of NOVATOP

3.2.2017  |  Keywords: Švýcarsko | Switzerland

A giant wooden skier called Edy was an outstanding feature of this year’s FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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Autoshowroom, Switzerland

20.12.2016  |  Keywords: Švýcarsko | Switzerland

Technical parameteres – NOVATOP ELEMENT

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Family houses, Switzerland

20.10.2016  |  Keywords: Switzerland

Building construction – NOVATOP SOLID

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An apartment building, Switzerland

19.5.2016  |  Keywords: Switzerland

A three-storey apartment building … is growing before our eyes.

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Senior Home, Switzerland

22.3.2016  |  Keywords: Switzerland

A large residential building project is being implemented in Schneisingen.

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Ceiling of a university buildings and a gymnasium, Switzerland

24.2.2016  |  Keywords: Switzerland

Technical parameters:
NOVATOP ACOUSTIC – drilled panels

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Office, Switzerland

19.5.2015  |  Keywords: Office | Switzerland

Office for roofers and plumbers.

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