Mobile house, Poland

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Mobile house, Poland

The sample prototype of a mobile home with the area of 12 m2 can serve as a garden shed or a student’s house or a mini office. This building is made of the structural NOVATOP system. Insulation material Steico Flex. Facade larch cladding was used for the surface. The investor expects to supply 50 pieces for the English market, and up to 150 pieces for the French marketSK_2015_PODs12 (1).

Walls – NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 62 mm (11 m2) + NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 84 mm (32 m2)
Floor – NOVATOP ELEMENT  thickness of 280 mm (142m2)
Roof – NOVATOP OPEN thickness of 227 mm (142m2)

Realizace: CLT House, 2015


Published 20.6. 2015

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