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ECO-center of parisian landscape architects

It is now the tallest building by NOVATOP with four floors, which reaches a height of 12 m. The investor´s intention was to build an ecological building, and were therefore used only natural materials. The NOVATOP construction was chosen precisely for its environmental safety (the input materials are certified “natureplus”) and the possibility of direct utilization of the visible quality of wood in the interior. The main point for taking decision was the accurate machining of individual components tanks to the  prefabrication with a high accuracy and detail and thanks to all large-screen formats (up to 12x 2.5 m) has significantly shortened the duration of construction and particularly to minimize the number of connections on site. The fabric building in this case was a matter of 4 days.

The massive construction is formed with wall panels NOVATOP SOLID with a thickness of 84mm, the large windows have, due to the demands of structural properties, the  panels amplified to 168 mm. The ceilings are made of finned elements NOVATOP ELEMENTS with a height of 200mm, already filled in the production by crushed limestone, which very effectively reduces the impact noise (bulk materials are not only increasing the density structure, but also due to friction of the grains converting the vibration energy of the floor to heat, helping to reduce noise driven construction). In the elements were also pre-assembled wiring for electricity and air conditioning.

The roof is made up of elements with a height of 240 mm, where the cavity between the ribs filled fibreboard insulation, which significantly affects the thermal comfort inside, not only in winter but also in summer. There was also used an insurance reflective foil, which improves the insulation properties of composition (U = 0.17). On the roof  Theky are solar panels, the building has a heat pump air / air.

The envelope airtightness in place of joints is ensured by a airtight tape. The whole building is insulated by a fibreboard insulation (U = 0.17), which preserves not only the diffusion-open construction, but also achieves very high values ​​of phase shift (phase shift panels NOVATOP SOLID is between 3-7 hours, in combination with a fibreboard insulation can be 15 hours or more). On the insulation is applied an insurance diffuse film and then next layer is a ventilated facade, the investor considers the use the larch.

In the interior is, in most rooms,  left the visible quality of the wood, alternating with wooden ceilings and walls with other surface materials.

The concept of the house is according to BBC standards – Batiment Basse Consommation, which corresponds to our low-energy standard.

Realisation place: France, Paris
Construction system: NOVATOP
Construction company : Francois Ferry – Certified NOVATOP partner
Date of completion : summer  2011


Published 1.8. 2011

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