NATURA PARK – An Environmental, Education and Information Centre, Czech Republic

NATURA PARK – An Environmental, Education and Information Centre, Czech Republic

An environmental, visitor’s education and information centre NATURA PARK, focused on nature and environmental awareness, opened in October 2015.

NATURA PARK (12)The structure is like a cobweb in treetops

 The crowns of the surrounding trees with cobwebs gleaming in the sun were inspiration for the design. Thus, an impulse to design the structure like a cobweb in treetops came up. This cobweb gradually stratified into two height levels. The lowest floor is, due to the optical reduction of the mass of the house, partially hidden within the terrain running towards the levee.

NOVATOP dominates the structure.

Apart from the basement, which consists of concrete, the entire structure is made of solid wooden panels NOVATOP.  The visual spruce wood dominates most of the interiors, thus underlining the basic idea of the project, which is focused on nature. The structure itself is economical not only by its operation, but also by the overall concept, and will thus show the capabilities of the current economical building technologies.NOVATOP SYSTEM 2

It was a valuable new experience for us,” says the team leader of Dřevostavby MC who assembled NOVATOP. “Large formats and a large thickness of the panels put a great emphasis on manufacturing precision as well as precision of positioning on the site. Positioning of the ribbed elements into the pre-prepared steel structure, which formed bridging of an existing cycle path, and also lifting of the 2nd floor above the base plate were demanding. Everything worked excellently!”

The authors of the project endeavoured to achieve as small impact of the building on the environment as possible. When choosing the construction materials, the expected energy consumption during normal operation as well as the rate of emissions released during the production were taken into account. “The Natura Park building has been set perfectly into the surrounding environment. On the third floor, you really feel like being in treetops, which was also the original intention,” says the director of the Ekocentrum, Jiří Bureš.

NATURA PARK (1)Ekocentrum PALETA has been dealing with ecological and environmental education, with special emphasis on children and youth, for 25 years. During this time, hundreds of thousands of children and adults have visited the programs.

Investor: Ekocentrum PALETA, Pardubice
Architectural design: Ing. Tomáš Med, Med Pavlík architects
Designers: PK projekt s.r.o.
General contractor: STAKO s.r.o.
Structure assembly: Dřevostavby MC

The project was co-financed by the European Union – the European Regional Development Fund and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic under the Operational Programme Environment.

Published 23.10. 2015

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