NOVATOP ACOUSTIC has passed the ball tests!

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NOVATOP ACOUSTIC has passed the ball tests!

The acoustic panels, NOVATOP ACOUSTIC, have passed the impact tests performed with a handball and can be applied to sports halls and gymnasiums.

We have tested 6 profiles: Marilyne 4/12 – spruce, Marilyne 4/12 – silver fir, Marilyne 8/25 – spruce, Marilyne 8/25 – silver fir, Suzanna – spruce, Lucy 8/16/16 – spruce

The samples tested were fitted with rigid frame screws, which were firmly connected to the peripheral structure. The throwing device was installed at a distance of approximately 3 m from the samples tested (the speed of the ball thrown was 23.5 m/s +- 1.2 m/s).

Altogether, the following were performed: 30 impacts on individual samples at an angle of 5°, 12 impacts at an angle of 45° from the right, 12 impacts at an angle of 45° from the left

Conclusion: The NOVATOP ACOUSTIC were not damaged, the joints of the layers were not delaminated, the glued joints of the accouplements were not damaged, and the visual inspection failed to show any damage of the lamellas, the absorber or the base accouplements.

The tests were conducted according to ÖNORM B 2608:2012-5 / DIN 18032-3; 1997, points 3-6

The test report to be downloaded here.

Published 2.8. 2017

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