NOVATOP CENTRUM – a friendly work environment

The architectural solution

Rebuilding and extension of the existing facilities of our company that integrates several functions – from changing rooms, through offices, to a training centre. The emphasis should have been placed on sufficient spaciousness, lighting, indoor environment quality and a relaxation zone.

“The aim is to create a primarily friendly environment for work that has a major impact on the psyche of the people, their physical sensations and, of course, their performance,” comments on his vision the Chairman of the Board, Ing. Jiří Oslizlo.

The design solution

The extension of the building is designed from NOVATOP solid wood panels and presents structural and aesthetic possibilities of this material. The composition of the structure is both statically functional and provides an interesting play with light and shadows, inspired by treetops.


The building is located in the middle of an industrial area in a direct contact with the production halls and forms a distinctive identification and prominent landmark. The bottom two floors are based on the existing building; the other two floors are a wooden extension with a corner tower, symbolizing a tree, which is intertwined with the corporate philosophy. The last floor combines both the administrative and the training function; in the entrance super-elevated hall there are, in space, suspended wooden “nests” with a varying degree of closeness. On the roof of the building there is a garden.

Author: Pavel Horák, Václav Zahradníček, Prodesi,
Cooperation: Michal Kotlas
Investor: AGROP NOVA a.s., producer of NOVATOP system












Published 23.2. 2014

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