The technological advancement of NOVATOP eliminates common mistakes in wooden buildings and, therefore, significantly improves the quality of finished buildings. The simplicity of execution of structural details, the minimum number of assembly joints and the simple composition of the walls is particularly impressive.  The simplicity of execution is reflected in the speed of construction. This speed and simplicity makes the building process particularly cost-effective. NOVATOP is not only suitable for family homes and apartment buildings, but also for reconstruction, additions, extensions, etc.  It enables partial solutions of walls or roofs as well as a comprehensive system for the whole building.

Solid and true all-wood construction

All components are characterized by high strength and stability under compressive and tension stress and extreme static load-carrying capacity – they create a solid, secure and true all-wood construction.

Speed of construction

The structure is put together as a building kit. All the components are manufactured to exact dimensions with specified CNC processing of joints, openings for windows, doors and other individual design features such as preparation for distribution routes or the addition of insulation. The finished components are shipped directly to the site where they are assembled to make a complete building in a few hours using a crane.

Airtightness (Essential for passive houses!)

All NOVATOP components are already airtight due to the edge-glued joints between the slats and surface preparation which includes the plugging of any knot holes with solid wood inserts (with NOVATOP SOLID, airtightness is achieved at just 62 mm). Thanks to these features, an airtight envelope is created without the need for plastic vapor barrier. The hermetic performance of NOVATOP components has been proven and tested (Blower Door Tests). In order to achieve airtightness, the design phase and rigorous implementation of taping of all the details on the site (interconnections and openings, such as windows, ventilation, etc.) are crucial. Thanks to prefabrication of NOVATOP components, there are far less of such details than with other building systems.

Diffusional openness (Essential for the quality of the indoor environment free from mold!)

NOVATOP structure remains diffusionally open (breathable) with suitably chosen insulation. NOVATOP panels consist of solid wood in the whole cross-section and effectively reduce the penetration of moisture. Part of the moisture progresses into the structure and on into the exterior, part is absorbed and retained by the wood, and after the moisture in the interior is reduced, it is released back into the atmosphere. Due to these features, the construction does not need a plastic vapor barrier, so one of the most problematic areas in the assembly of wooden buildings is eliminated. With the diffusionally open construction, the cladding consists of insulation on the outside of the NOVATOP panels, or of a brick veneer on the inside. The composition is designed with regard to the diffusion resistance of individual layers, so that the dew point is located as close as possible to the exterior within any different type of breathable insulation.

Phase shift (Essential against summer overheating!)

An important and still neglected factor influencing the thermal comfort inside the building is the phase shift of temperature oscillation. This is a feature of the construction that slows down the influence of extreme temperatures caused by solar radiation.  During the exposure to the sun, the surface of the building envelope is heated and the temperature increase of the material spreads towards the interior. Phase shift is the time at which the change in temperature on the outer surface of the construction effects on the interior. The phase shift of solid NOVATOP panels ranges from 3 to 7 hours, according to the thickness. In combination with fiberboard insulation, it can be up to 15 hours.

Fire resistance

NOVATOP components can also be used for the construction of residential and industrial buildings, including buildings with increased demands on fire safety, such as schools or hospitals; the individual segments of the building can be optimized to the required dimensions. All the solid components have a huge advantage because they burn away only horizontally, so the construction weakens slowly. By contrast, the wooden elements of skeletal and frame structures can be weakened during a fire by burning out from several sides simultaneously. Therefore, they must be over-dimensioned or protected by other materials. Reports on fire resistance classification can be found in the downloads section.

Sound insulation, acoustic

The purpose of the building structure is to prevent the noise from spreading, whether it is the noise from the outside, caused mainly by the traffic, or from the inside of the building. Even the best building materials cannot, by themselves, meet all of the acoustic requirements of the building if the structure has not been designed against the spread of noise. As in the case of thermal bridges, it is necessary to essentially eliminate the acoustic ones as well. Both of these mentioned methods of noise spread can be effectively reduced; however, there is a prerequisite of professional approach at the design stage and then, of course, the precise execution of implementation. NOVATOP system provides, in combination with selected insulating materials, real comfort.
Impact sound can be effectively reduced by, for example, loose materials (e.g. crushed limestone), which ceiling elements may be filled with. Loose materials increase not only the volume weight of the structure, but also, due to the friction of the individual grains, convert the energy of floor vibration to heat, thus helping to reduce the noise conducted by the structure.

The requirements for architectural acoustics can be met by cladding the interior with acoustic panels NOVATOP ACOUSTIC.

Visual quality

The exposed bearing structure NOVATOP can also make the internal surface! The visual wood offers completely new possibilities in shaping the architecture and an elegant mix between a large proportion of wood and the modern interior. The panels work particularly well with enclosed ceilings or with ceilings in the attic where they form the functional bearing layer and enable lights to be embedded and the installation to be located directly in the structure. Preparation of routes for distribution and installation is solved according to the project specifications inside the panels.  As for panel connections, there are two options: disclosed joints or joints covered with laths. The wood can be treated in the same way as natural wood or, possibly, tinted.

We recommend consulting the visual quality with the investors, who may perceive it quite differently.
The surface of the panel in the visual quality is made of timber of the AB quality, is ground, and has no joints nor glue residues. On the contrary, the non-visual quality (construction) is intended for cladding. The surface is planed; visual defects, such as loose knots, blue stain, cracks and joints, are allowed. Photos of the visual as well as non-visual quality can be found in the downloads section.

Quality assurance

NOVATOP products are processed mainly from Czech coniferous wood, under strict environmental regulations. The production process complies with the strict criteria for a number of certifications (PEFC, Natureplus, ETA…). State-of-the-art CNC equipment that operates according to CAD data is used for processing of the components, and the entire production process is controlled digitally. Everything is produced in the Czech Republic; the system was developed and verified in Switzerland.

The more detailed properties are dealt with in the Technical documentation in the downloads section.