Large size NOVATOP components are made on an individual basis. This means that they are made according to your requirements to precise dimensions, with openings for windows and doors, and other individual adjustments such as preparing routes for distribution or supplementary heat, sound or fire isolation. These components are shipped directly to the site where, the whole project can be assembled using a crane within a few hours. The project can be built directly from the truck without the need for further sorting. NOVATOP components can also be customized to incorporate thermal insulation, facade, panels with openings, service runs or inner linings and can thereby take advantage of a high degree of prefabrication. Regardless of season, you will appreciate the rapid installation on site, where the building can be under roof and finished in an extremely short time. Moreover, the use of solid NOVATOP components produces a comprehensive system that will enhance the design of your project and give you the flexibility to realise your aspirations.

Warning: It is important to remember the sequence of the assembly. The trucks must be able to enter and exit the site
as there is a maximum lifting load and range. It is vital to know the local conditions at the site. Components must be protected throughout the transport and construction period from adverse weather.

Crane Handling/Rigging

NOVATOP Components are prepared in the factory for standard handling and rigging systems. The system’s refundable lifting straps may be supplied by the NOVATOP. Crane straps, chains or slings must be provided by the building contractor.
Important: It is imperative to place NOVATOP ELEMENTS in the desired mounting position with a 4-sling system. It is important to ensure that the element has a strap system at an angle of approx. 60 °.

Installation Instructions

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the files for download.

Videos from the assembly

Videos from the assembly can be viewed in the references section here.