About the NOVATOP System

NOVATOP is a comprehensive building system of large format components made of cross-laminated solid wood (CLT – cross-laminated timber).
NOVATOP components are manufactured from dried spruce slats put together in layers; the layers form an angle of 90˚. The number of layers can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. The wood is dried to a moisture content of about 8%; this ensures high stability of components and prevents them from cracking. The slats are glued to each other on all faces in the production process. Polyurethane adhesives are used as approved in accordance with European standards for the manufacture of wooden load-bearing building components both for interior and exterior. All panels are distinguished by their high strength, stability and outstanding static load-carrying capacity – they create a solid, secure and true all-wood construction. Due to our exact drying process and our panel forming technology, they exhibit dimensional stability even with changes in humidity.

What can NOVATOP components do?

NOVATOP System properties allow innovative and exciting design solutions and are an inspiration and challenge for Architects. Due to the solid nature of the NOVATOP system, many professionals are now using wood in situations they may not have previously considered.The technological advancement of NOVATOP eliminates mistakes of common wooden buildings and therefore significantly improves the quality of the finished buildings. The simplicity of execution of structural details, the minimum number of assembly joints and the simple composition of walls comprise a significantly positive argument. The simplicity of execution is reflected not only in the speed of construction, but also makes the whole building particularly economic and cost-effective.

Energy-efficient and Passive buildings

NOVATOP has been offering a proven and highly efficient solution for energy-efficient and passive houses since 2009 and is a supporting member of the Passive House Centre Association. The system is suitable not only for family homes and apartment buildings, but also for reconstructions, additions, extensions, etc. It enables partial deliveries of walls or roofs as well as a comprehensive solution for the whole building.

The beauty of natural wood

The icing on the cake with this technology is the ability to keep the exposed bearing structure as a final solution of internal surfaces. Visible-quality wood offers completely new possibilities in shaping interior  design providing an elegant mix of large areas of wood and other contrasting materials in a  modern interior. Despite the increase in demands on project coordination and construction, the result is unique, enduring and cost-effective.

A Czech manufacturer, Swiss know-how

NOVATOP products are manufactured in the Czech Republic, mainly from Czech coniferous wood, under strict environmental regulations. The production process complies with the strict criteria for a number of certifications (PEFC, Natureplus, ETA…). State-of-the-art CNC equipment using CAD data is used for processing the components and the entire production process is controlled digitally. Everything is produced in the Czech Republic however the system was developed and verified in Switzerland.