Production planning

The production of wooden building components by NOVATOP requires a high degree of advance planning. Due to the uniqueness of each project, it is essential that a “design freeze” is agreed prior to the commencement of the manufacturing process. This process can only be started when all project specifications are approved and entered into the final drawings. The aim of the manufacturer is to supply completely finished and fully machined components directly to the construction site.

Procedure for planning:

  1. A study of the project.
  2. Processing or reprocessing of the project into the NOVATOP system
  3. Control of execution with possible optimization of the dimensions for production and clarification of details.
  4. Static verification of individual components in connection with the statics of the whole building.
  5. Assessment of requirements for fire protection, sound insulation and the visible quality of wood.
  6. Determination of the pre-assembly procedure and the associated numbering of the panels and loading on the      truck.
  7. Development of the production documentation.
  8. Transportation-the type of transportation is dependent upon the final formats of the individual elements selected and should facilitate easy unloading and assembly.

The procedure for development of project documentation can be found in the downloads section.