Offices of the company Halter Bonbons, Switzerland

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Offices of the company Halter Bonbons, Switzerland

The company Halter Bonbons, a Swiss world-famous manufacturer of chocolates, had their new offices and conference rooms built on the top floor the existing building. In the open-plan office, there were used altogether 66m2 of acoustic panels NOVATOP ACOUSTIC, profile Marylin,  with an absorber “Therm SD” for the ceilings.  The panels contribute, due to their excellent acoustic properties, to the comfort of the employees in an open-plan office.

The panels NOVATOP ACOUSTIC offer the possibility to combine acoustic requirements (the profile, the structure, the sound absorption coefficient) with aesthetic ones (the shape and size of the perforation, colour formation). Especially in confined spaces, they provide better intelligibility and noise reduction.


Implementation:  Herzog Holbzau AG, August 2013

Published 7.11. 2013

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