Olympic wooden house Vesper Homes

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Olympic wooden house Vesper Homes

On the outskirts of Vratislavice nad Nisou, there grew another house of the VESPER HOMES brand, designed and realized by the architectural studio Labor 13. This house is the fulfillment of the vision of a young married couple Eva and Jiří Magál, and like all the buildings of this brand, it combines a modern architecture of wooden houses together with a planning conception tailored to the needs of inhabitants of the house.

Wooden houses VESPER HOMES are also characterized by a very short construction time, which is achieved by a high degree of prefabrication and the elimination of wet processes. Therefore, the dry system FERMACELL was used also for floors.

The Czech representative in cross-country skiing, Jiří Magál (at the Olympics in Vancouver, a member of the bronze relay 4×10 km), is a professional sportsman and he needs a lot of sports equipment for his job. However, the architects from the Prague studio Labor 13 took this into account when designing the house. The most significant element of the building is the outer separation of the living room and the kitchen with the dining room, where the roof forms the terrace for the attic room as well.

This constructional system provides a great variability as for the location of Novatop visible solid wood panels. Novatop panels were used mainly in the attic, where they form the central design element. Thus, Novatop does not need to be used only as the basic structural system, but it can become a very powerful weapon in the hands of architects in completing the relaxed atmosphere in the interior.

Realization: Vesper Homes s.r.o.

Published 28.6. 2012

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