Passive house, Czech republic

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Passive house, Czech republic

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 A passive house with the omnipresent drawing of spruce wood

For an architect, perhaps there is no better experience than to design and build their own house. This can be also confirmed by the author of this project.

The idea of an architect drawing their own house is very idyllic, but the reality is more than painful. A limited budget and mainly the time flashing by gnawed relentlessly the dreams of a milestone in the work. A person has the biggest fight with their own ego. The draft is already on the paper, and the paper in the folder, but it is still not perfect enough, there is still a need to improve something. Compromises are increasing; budget control erases big gestures, cambered ceilings and large glass surfaces. Considerations of an exact house of straw with a wooden core have also perished due to time pressure.

Doladěno do posledního detailu


A sophisticated disposition without weak links

Despite all the obstacles, a perfectly functional disposition that takes into account all of our needs and ideas about housing has been devised. The final appearance of the internal surfaces is a tremendous quality of the house. All wooden walls, ceilings and floors are painted with white oil only. Due to this fact the interior abounds with fine drawings of spruce wood. Our house is cosy inside and amiable outside, which I consider to be its greatest advantage.

Passive standard

There are plenty of ways to reduce the consequence of personal comfort needs for the environment, dwelling with low energy consumption is one of the most effective ones. Another and very important bonus of a passive house is a quality indoor environment.

Panely NOVATOP jsou opracované již v výrobě včetně rozvodů pro instalace


The house stands on a rock

In half a metre of the land there is hard shale, this is why the house does not have a base plate, but it is built on footings with a wooden base platform; the house is therefore above the ground. The course of the construction of Novatop was really spectacular. A mobile crane put the panels together directly from the truck as a construction kit; the panels were only screwed together.  Our house was built in two days, including roof trusses.

Elegantně vytvarované masívní stupně a čisté detaily


Staircase made of trimmings

The real joy was brought by the staircase that is made of cuttings from window openings in NOVATOP panels. The material was lying in the garden, so the carpenters took it to the workshop and processed it. The result is elegantly shaped massive steps and clean details.

Výřez z tohoto okna dnes slouží jako konferenční stůl (2)







As an architect, I have received invaluable professional experience and insight of the other party.  Finally, I also have an idea of the level of stress, which a client is experiencing face to face with a table containing an exceeded budget, the future with a mortgage, but mainly a stubborn architect.


The study, the project for the building permit, the project for implementation of the building: Ing. Arch. Jakub Loučka under the auspices of

Implementation: 3AE, s.r.o. (03/2013 – 09/2013)
Photo: Martin Zeman

Technical parameters of the house:
 Land size: 650m2
Built-up area: 104m2
Usable area: 128m2
The bottom structure: Concrete footings, base platform
Building system: NOVATOP
Facade: Larch floor boards, untreated
Roof: Leaning with an unheated attic area, flat with a vegetation layer
Roofing: Titanium zinc – skived, foil
Windows: Wooden with triple glazing, frameless
Floor covering: Spruce boards NOVATOP with white oil, tiles
Heating: Hot-air with recuperation, a heat pump

Composition of ​​the wall:
NOVATOP SOLID, thickness of 84 mm
A girder grill of OSB
Inserted mineral insulation 2x 120mm
Horizontal battens
Inserted mineral insulation – 60mm
Diffusion layer:
Vertical battens
Air gap 40 mm
Larch floor boards – horizontal, untreated

Total thickness of the wall: 443mm
Value U: 0.123 W/m2K

Published 28.11. 2014

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