Passive house, Czech Republic

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Passive house, Czech Republic

The structure of a standardized wooden house of NOVATOP panels was built in 2.5 days.

On the video you can watch the construction:

Technical parameters of the building:

Implementation: turnkey
Built-up area 103 m2
Usable area: 126 m2
Enclosed volume: 232 m3
External wall: U = 0.12
Floor over the terrain: U = 0.15
Roof: U = 0.12
Ventilation/heating: Hot air with heat recovery
Windows: Wooden Profile IV92 PASIV, Uw = 0.69, or frameless U = 0.5
Shading: Outer blinds
Specific heat demand for heating: 15 kWh/ m2.a


Study/ project: NOVAHOME.CZ
3AE (04/2013 – 09/2013)

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Published 29.4. 2013

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