Passive house, Štenberk CZ

The open day was advised on Wednesday 4th august 2010 on the construction of a passive house. All works fine, components fit to millimeters, the weather was favorable. When the base plate was ready, a truck arrived at 7:20 with NOVATOP panels and in less than two hours everything was done!

Construction:  external walls – NOVATOP Solid thickness 84 mm, the roof of the trusses

A blower door test (airtight building envelope) n50 = 0.22 h-1.

This passive house was handed over to owners in December 2010, four months after the start of the construction.

How to build a passive timber construction? Click to see the video of the installation here:

Realisation: Certified NOVATOP partner

Published 30.8. 2010

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