Penthouse loft on the house, Czech

Penthouse loft on the house, Czech

The loft has been designed as a wooden construction with the panels NOVATOP. The perimeter construction is designed as a diffusion-open composition. The penthouse loft follows the simple shape of the existing house volume compact mass with a shed roof with a local slope. Countertop roof responds to the orientation of the object to the cardinal points and the land, so that the gradient from south to north.

The history of the house and its changes over the time can be seen in the photo gallery.

The main advantages of NOVATOP panels in terms of extensions are:
– minimizing the time in which the removal of the original roof is exposed to weathering / leaking /
– the NOVATOP construction is lightweight, so ideal for the penthouses to minimize the strain of the original constructions

Assembly company: 3AE

Project and visualisation: Ing. Arch. Lukáš Lipert

Published 2.5. 2011

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