NOVATOP SWP - multilayer solid wood panel

Multilayer panels NOVATOP are manufactured from natural wood under strict environmental regulations. As the first Czech manufacturer we obtained the Natureplus certificate in 2008.


Multilayer panels NOVATOP are made of coniferous sawnwood dried to 8% (larch 12%). Each layer of the panel consists of lamellas of solid wood. The three-layer panel consists of one middle layer rotated by 90° relative to the outer layers. The five-layer panel has one middle layer rotated by 90° relative to the two parallel surface layers on each side. The thickness of the layers can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. The lamellas of the middle layer are glued longitudinally, and lengthwise they are connected with the butted joint or they can be continuous. Their thickness is a maximum of 42mm.

The outer layers are made of continuous lamellas with a thickness of 6 or 9 mm and a width of 93-143 mm. On every panel, there is always the same width of the surface lamellas whose right side faces the surface. The longitudinal joints of the lamellas are glued together. The adhesive used is waterproof and the surface lamellas are glued according to AW 100, or possibly D4 according to EN 204.

The quality of sanding corresponds to the grain size of 100 (coarser sanding is made to order).


3layer panels

Wood: Central European spruce, Nordic spruce, Siberian larch, Silver fir
Standard thicknesses (mm): 14 (4-6-4), 16 (5-6-5), 19 (6-7-6), 21 (6-9-6), 27 (6-15-6), 27 (9-9-9),
32 (9-14-9), 42 (9-24-9), 50 (9-32-9), 60 (9-42-9)
Standard widths (mm): 1040, 1250, 2100, 2500
Standard lengths (mm): 2500, 2750, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
Non-standard formats for spruce (mm): According to the individual demand
Long panels with a continuous surface lamella: Lengths up to 10,000 mm, maximum format of 2,500 x 10,000 mm, thickness 27 (9-9-9), quality: B – C/D
Types of panels: NOVATOP SWP, NOVATOP SWP SD – panel according to EN 13986,  NOVATOP FREE – glued without formaldehyde

5layer panels

Wood: Central European spruce
Standard thicknesses (mm): 45 (9-9-9-9-9), 60 (9-9-24-9-9)
Standard widths: 1040, 1250, 2100, 2500
Standard lengths: 5000, 6000
Types of panels: NOVATOP STATIC


A, B, C, D and their combinations. Classification of quality of surface lamellas is conducted according to EN 13017-1 and the internal regulations of AGROP NOVA a.s.


  •  The character of natural solid wood
  • Natural non-toxic materiál
  • Dimensional stability
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent workability of surfaces and edges
  • Large format
  • Easy manipulation and assembly
  • Very wide range of applications in the interior and the exterior

Machining posibilities

Standard: Spring and groove, grooves from the side, inlay singer joint.
Non-standard: Perforations into various profiles (milling, cutting, drilling), milling of grooves
and openings of various shapes and others, according to the individual demand.
Exact formatting: Machining tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.4 mm • Width and length tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.5 mm • Tolerance of sanding thickness ± 0.2 mm

Examples of application

Multilayer panels NOVATOP can be machined with all standard woodworking tools and machines as solid wood can. As for the surface finish, all methods used for solid wood are suitable. When used in the outdoor environment, the natural properties of solid wood must be taken into account.

In the building industry
Ceiling and floor structures, load bearing shells of sloping roofs, roof overhangs, cladding, facades, extensions, installations, structures of halls, carpentry structures, etc. Preferred quality: B/C, C/C, C/D.

In carpentry
Wall, ceiling and partition cladding, floors, staircase steps, furniture and interior equipment, door frames, doors, shutters, production of packaging, boxes, etc. Preferred quality: A/B, AB/B, B/B, B/C.

Structured surface – a rustic look
Types of surface: fine and coarse brushing, chopping
Wood: spruce
Standard thicknesses (mm): 14, 16, 19, 21, 27, 32, 42, 50, 60


3-layer solid wood panel with a covering layer made of old wood
Types of surfaces: 1A, 4A, 4B, 4C, 5 AC, 5 BC, 5 BA, 5 CA
Type of wood: spruce
Standard thickness (mm): 19
Standard formats(mm): do 1250 x 4000, min. délka 1000 mm
Moisture of wood: 8 %
Glue: PVAc
Composition: 3-layers, middle layer – spruce, covering layers – old wood
Width of the covering lamellas: 80-230 mm always a combination of various widths of lamellas on the visual layer
Thickness of the covering lamellas: approx. 6 mm, may, depending on the board type, show a higher tolerance

Types of boards:
4 old sunburnt boards, or boards from formwork, manually brushed
1 beams and boards from a roof truss, manually brushed
5 old wood from internal boards and beams

4A colour shade – black, dark brown, sometimes nail holes, places repaired with old wood
4B colour shade – dark brown up to light grey, sometimes nail holes, places repaired with old wood
4C colour shade – brown, light brown up to light grey
1A colour shade – light brown, light grey, beige
5A sanded
5AA light
5AB dark
5AC dark, woodworm holes
5B brushed
5BA light
5BB dark
5BC dark, woodworm holes
5C frame-sawn, gatterlook
5CA light
5CB dark
5CC dark, woodworm holes

Possibility of processing:
Standard: spring and groove, grooves from sides
Non-standard: according to individual needs
Precision blanks: according to individual needs

Warning: Distinctive and striking appearance of wood, colour differences, damage, nail holes, cracks caused by drying and woodworm holes are tolerable with NOVATOP ALTHOLZ three-layer panels.

The technical documentation  and the certificates can be downloaded here.