Roof extension of a school, Czech Republic

Roof extension of a school, Czech Republic

The project of extension of Basic School of Edward Benes in Čakovice was designed by the company ARCHCON atelier, s.r.o. Two studies were elaborated; the winner was the version whose architectural look was modified the roof of the building increased, thus creating space for two complete classrooms of the clear height of 3m, the rooms for teachers and space for telecommunications equipment.

The author of the project – Ing. Irena Truhlářová adds: NOVATOP system has become an ideal solution due to the geometry of the roof. With the structure, we needed to fit under the cornice of the neighbouring roof, which no other structure enabled. At the same time, the ribbed roof panels NOVATOP had no problem with a wide span and big openings for light guides of the diameter of 750 mm. The primary criterion was also the low weight of the whole wooden structure that minimizes the load of the original building. And, last but not least, creation of a thin structure of the cornice so that there was no thermal bridge. Another strong argument was the speed of the construction process since the original intention was the implementation during the summer holiday. The use of visual wood proved to be an added value of – all ceiling structures in the interior are made of wood and wood is also on the middle bearing wall facing towards the classrooms. This provides pleasant working environment, both cosy and modern.

You are faced with fire safety?

“The concept of fire protection is always consulted with specialists in the phase of the study. Therefore, we know in advance what we can afford and when we have to moderate from our demands – for example, with this project, we pushed through wooden visual structures directly in the classrooms. The fire resistance of the materials and the composition of the structures are proved by certificates provided by the manufacturers and meet the strict standard requirements. The NOVATOP SOLID thickness of 84 mm itself complies with the required fire resistance of 45 minutes. The pre-walls at the external walls were chosen for the placement of mineral thermal insulation (it is economically more convenient than thermal insulating only from the exterior) and installation of distribution lines.”

The implementation of the wooden structures was provided by the company Dřevostavby MC that has great experience with this material.

How long did the assembly of NOVATOP elements take?

The answer was provided by the leader of the company – Martin Novák.“The building was carried out by four people and, within the fourth day from the beginning of the assembly, we completed both parts of the extension, including cleaning of the site. The precision of the building system and the speed of the assembly surprised all the participants of the construction positively. The main advantage of this building system is the simplicity and speed because when you remove the old roof, you need to quickly replace it with a new one. And of course the weight! Due to the low weight, extensions can be made even in places where they would not otherwise be implemented. This applies to both large buildings and family homes. Especially, old masonry structures would not normally be able to carry another floor made of bricks. And in many cases, almost the most important fact is that the implementation of wooden extensions is not more expensive than when using other technologies. On the other hand, it is much more efficient.”


Interview prepared by: Stanislav Müller, DiS



Published 3.5. 2012

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