The biggest skier in the world is 19 m tall and is made of NOVATOP

The biggest skier in the world is 19 m tall and is made of NOVATOP

A giant wooden skier called Edy was an outstanding feature of this year’s FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in St. Moritz, Switzerland. He became not only a symbol of this year’s championship, but also a stage for the accompanying cultural programme, an observation tower and a climbing wall.

The skier in the downhill stance is 19 m tall and his skis are an incredible 15 m long. NOVATOP solid wood panel cladding was specially manufactured in the Czech Republic. Edy is made of 637 triangles of spruce panels; each triangle is a unique original. The body consists of almost 65 cubic meters of wood, out of which there are 1,300 meters of different shaped prisms. The joints between the individual parts are 1.25 kilometres long and 18,000 holes were drilled for securing the statics.

The greatest credit for this unique project is given to the renowned architect Hermann Blumer, whose bold projects are known throughout the world. He is famous for the following sentence: “What can be drawn, can be also built!” A huge team of structural engineers, designers and carpenters were involved in this project. “In the beginning we were very sceptical,” says Martin Wyss from the implementation company Kuratle & Jaecker. “It was a very complicated project from the technical standpoint and the time was clearly defined. We could not afford to make any mistakes. The final decision on the implementation was made on October 24, 2016, and the production on CNC machines could begin on December 9, when the specially designed NOVATOP panels arrived in Switzerland. The assembly took 14 days. We are really proud about this project! Such a significant symbol has not been in any other championship yet.”

We love such challenges,” added Mr Jiří Oslizlo from the NOVATOP team with a smile. “To supply our panels for such a fantastic project is for us mainly a proof of confidence in the high quality of our products and the mastery of our people who stand behind the quality of everything we do. We thank Hermann Blumer for this opportunity and our business partner, Kuratle & Jaecker, for the patronage of the project and the long-standing and successful partnership.”

Implementation: Kuratle & Jaecker AG , 2017


Published 3.2. 2017

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