A family home, Norway

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A family home, Norway

This project, which is being built in Norway, was designed by the prestigious architectural company Helen&Hard.

This project is unique because the walls do not meet at a single right angle! Due to these atypical requirements the most demanding part was preparation of the production, but the result was perfect and the elements at the construction site, located 2,200 km far from our production, fitted into each other precisely. This has been achieved to the complete satisfaction of the architects as well as the investor. The structure was completely assembled in just 7 days despite the complications caused by the rainy weather. At the request of the investor, the shell construction was assembled by the Czech NOVATOP Certified Partner, Dřevostavby MC. This team of professionals has many years of experience in the erection of wooden buildings in the USA and Canada. Additional work at the construction site is provided by a Norwegian company.

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The whole house is designed of  NOVATOP OPEN  elements that combine the advantages of the well-known beams dimensioning and the multi-layer solid board. They provide truly “open” – an open degree of prefabrication according to the individual requirements of the project. They offer an economical and safe solution for diffusionally open wall and roof structures. They are manufactured in the formats up to 12000 x 2450 mm. Their great advantage is quick and easy assembly with high accuracy. They can be applied to ceilings, where the structure is open downwards and allows implementation of the distributions and ventilation directly at the site. The element is then covered with a final material intended for the interior (e.g. SWP, Fermacell, Rigips etc.). The great advantage of this solution is the immediate foot traffic and the possibility of assembly of another floor.

The space between the beams can be fitted with thermal insulation during production and the element can be supplied closed by another, diffusionally open material (e.g. Fermacell, DHF, DFP etc.). OPEN elements can be supplied with a bottom board in visual quality, or clad during production with a multilayer board of silver fir or with an acoustic panel.

We have situated NOVATOP in this magnificant Norwegian scenery and it is a perfect fit, because the philosophy of the company is based on the production of high-quality products with the maximum respect to the nature.



Published 22.2. 2016

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