A passive family home, the Czech Republic

A passive family home, the Czech Republic

Conversion of a garden house into a passive house for family living inspired by the game called Space Invaders. The investor’s plan was to build a small modern house with low energy consumption in the place of a garden house.




The investor, apart from a limited budget, had a wish that the main living area was as open as possible and airy. The most prominent points of this space were supposed to be a fireplace and a large library across the wall. Finding a place for the library was not a problem, but a fireplace in such a small and a low-energy house can pose a problem in the form of overheating the house. Therefore, it was necessary to find a solution enabling storage of the energy from the fireplace. The solution was found by the architect, Lukáš Pejsar, who came up with the idea of storing the energy from the fireplace in water, in an accumulation tank with a volume of 800 l. A photovoltaic power station with the output of 2.99 kWp located on the roof of the house will supply the tank with energy in summer. The main source of central heating is a warm air heating unit with heat recuperation.

The centre of the internal space consists of the central living room with a library, the dining room and the kitchen. The entire south-east and south-west wall of this room is made of glass and allows access directly onto the terrace that extends the living space and connects it with the garden. Another large glass opening is situated on the north-west wall. This opening will have a frame consisting of a library. The walls of the unglazed surfaces will be covered with visual spruce. The entire ground plan is decreased in the north-east part of the house by just the utility room with a bathroom and a toilet and the hallway. Upstairs, there are designed two bedrooms with a large separate dressing room and a complete bathroom with a WC.

Technical parameters of the building:
Usable area:
106 m2
Built-up area: 80 m2
Enclosed volume: 281 m3
Heat demand for heating: 15 kWh/m2year

Author: Ing. arch. Lukáš Pejsar
Implementation: 3AE, 2014

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