Futura Freestyle in Tomašov, Slovak Republic

Futura Freestyle in Tomašov, Slovak Republic

The first Futura Freestyle in the Slovak Republic. The structure of the house is built of solid panels NOVATOP, the wood in the interior is predominantly visual.

Technical parameters of the implementation:

  • external walls: NOVATOP SOLID 84mm in visual quality +mineral insulation (180 mm) +facade
  • internal walls: NOVATOP SOLID 62mm jacketed with gypsum plasterboard
  • ceiling: NOVATOP SOLID  84mm in visual quality + floor covering
  • roof: NOVATOP OPEN 227mm in visual quality (SWP27+KVH200/60) + mineral      insulation between rafters. Furthermore, the over-rafter insulation (60 mm) and then the roof structure with a ventilated gap
  • floor:  NOVATOP ELEMENT 280mm including mineral insulation. The bottom panel covered with impregnation coating. The ELEMENT contains installations for electrical wiring and partly for water plumbing that are prepared in the production.

Project: Prodesi 
Implementation: Dřevostavby MC builds for the general supplier Domesi (shell construction NOVATOP, floor panels, complete roof structure), 2013


Opublikowano 16.1. 2014

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