The wooden cave

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The wooden cave

The descent into the cave is a return to the roots of seeking refuge from the outside world by discovering the primary human habitation. Wood is one of the oldest materials that humans have adopted for the construction of their houses. The wooden cave offers a way to reveal the basic human need to protect themselves and their families against the adverse outside world. It shows the journey of the man from a dark hole in the rock into the daylight.

The “Wooden Cave” has been displayed at the Faculty of Architecture of ČVUT since September.


The project is realized within the author’s graduate studies program at the Faculty of Architecture of ČVUT with ¨the focus on multi-storey wooden houses from glued laminated panels”. The aim of the project was to create a real sample design in the 1:1 scale and to verify the capabilities and features of the technology on a particular example. Exhibition of the pavilion at various locations, with the focus on students of civil engineering and experts, helps to raise greater awareness of the technology.



The first sketch by the author      The paper model

The pavilion is designed to be an easily dismountable structure, which can be put together again at different places. The architectural solution is based on the possibilities of the modern CNC technology applied to the production of solid board panels. Its use enables the users to configure the loosely shaped cut-outs converted into a digital form. It is a quick way from the original sketch towards the implementation.


 The technology of solid laminated panels represents a new path in the design of buildings based on wood. It is an innovative way of using wood, which currently experiences a great boom not only in the European Union.

The main advantages that can characterize the technology are high spatial rigidity, fire resistance, interesting acoustic properties and considerable quickness of construction. The aspect of sustainable development is also an important point in the use of the technology of laminated panels.

Construction: NOVATOP SOLID panels in thicknesses of 62, 84, 124 and 168 mm were used for the construction
The author of the project: Ing. arch. Marek Pavlas
Trainer: prof. Ing. Miloslav Pavlík CSc., FA ČVUT, Prague

Opublikowano 20.9. 2012

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