UMWELT ARENA – unique exhibition and information centre for ecology

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UMWELT ARENA – unique exhibition and information centre for ecology


The gates of Swiss Umwelt Arena, a unique exhibition and information centre for ecology and sustainable development, opened at the end of August this year. On the total area of 11,000 m2, it gathered the latest examples of approaches to mobility, economical use of energy, recycling of waste or construction and renovation of buildings

“Only the one who is informed is able to use the potential of modern and ecological technologies“ is the philosophy of the authors of the project. Personal experience is however even more important. The visitors were therefore offered about thirty thematically oriented and interactive exhibitions that provide not only facts, but also immediate experience. The concept very convincingly demonstrates that environmental sensitivity does not hamper the progress, but is a fascinating source of inspiration.



The biggest roof power station in Switzerland

The building of Umwelt Arena itself is an impressive evidence of the level of technology that is close to nature. The unusually shaped roof structure immediately attracts your attention in the middle of the Spreitenbach housing estate, in the suburbs of Zurich. It is not just an architectural fad: the roof with 33 variously bevelled surfaces has been designed to make maximum use of sunlight for the 5,300 m2 of photovoltaic panels that are placed on it. It is the biggest roof power station in Switzerland that supplies the arena with heat and electricity, thus making it self-sufficient. The roof structure has been put together of wooden beams and rafters.



Our organic boards played their role as well

It is worth mentioning that the builders used 6,000 m2 of three-layer spruce boards NOVATOP for the production of roof and interior elements. The boards are certified with the prestigious international brand “natureplus” a met the extremely stringent criteria for environmental friendliness concerning the construction of this imposing building.



In UMWELT ARENA, there is a permanent exhibition of our Swiss partner HWZ.

Opublikowano 18.10. 2012

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